Business Valuations (How to Value a Business)
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In this article, we talked about reasons to value a business, some common business valuation misconceptions, the concept of "value" in business valuation, and the main valuation methods used by the pros. You should now have a better idea about how businesses are valuated.

If you’re thinking about valuing your business, you’ll want to find a business valuation expert. CPAs (certified public accountants), lawyers, or other professionals generally can conduct a business valuation of your company. As with all services, shop around and compare the different prices and services out there. The cost to hire a business valuation expert can vary dramatically depending on the expert’s fees, and all the variables needed to take into consideration for your business.

Once you do find and hire a business valuation expert, you should receive a business valuation report upon the completion of the valuation. The report should thoroughly discuss how the value of the business was determined, along with the value and method used in determining the final value of the business. Business valuators may discuss several different types of methods in the business valuation report, but only 1 method should actually be used in determining the final value of the business. The business valuation report should not average or weigh different methods together for a final value.


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