About Us

LegalFlip.com was created with one main goal in mind – simplifying legal matters.

Here, at LegalFlip.com, we are comprised of legal educators. We work together as a team to provide you with many types of legal articles to lay the proper foundation you need to better understand the law and make more well-informed decisions. In short, we have lawyers, teachers, creative writers, graphic and database designers, and other professionals dedicated to provide you – our users and members – with the most user-friendly online environment to learn about the law.

LegaFlip.com aims to be the internet's premier provider of FREE legal information, with no hidden tricks. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. Rather, we strive to explain in plain English how and why the law works. We work diligently to achieve our goal by creating clear, accurate, illustrative, and user-friendly legal articles. So, what's the catch? There is no catch, but there's definite direction in our goal.

Let's face it, the law can be tricky. Many individuals do not even have a basic understanding about the law. We believe this is due in part to many factors, which includes a lack of proper education on the law. In fact, prior to launching LegalFlip.com we conducted thorough research on the current education of law. In our online research, we found that many legal websites do a poor job in explaining law. Many sites tend to use unnecessary legaleze, i.e. lawyer-talk, and fail to properly explain the basics on different legal concepts. We aim to improve how online legal education works.

You might ask: Why learn about the law in the first place? Well, there are two main reasons why you might come to LegalFlip.com, including: (i) you have a legal issue that needs to be addressed, or (ii) simply learn more about the law.

We live a world run by laws. The law affects just about everything you do from signing a contract, to obtaining your driver’s license, to paying taxes, to buying a house, starting a business, organizing an association, and nearly anything else you can think about. In short, knowledge of the law will empower you to make better informed decisions which influence your life and those around you, and LegalFlip.com will be there with you right along the way.

We hope you increase your understanding about the law, have some fun, and begin to think more legally about certain issues. At the end of the day, an uneducated society hurts everyone, and we want you to better understand the legal system that affects your everyday life.

Finally, the law does not live in a vacuum. As such, LegalFlip.com is always striving to become better and we encourage your comments and suggestions about our site. Get involved with us to help spread the useful flow of legal information to others. Talk to your friends, colleagues, and others. Post comments about our site on your favorite social networking sites. In short, we ask that you give back what you can to LegalFlip.com and help us grow along with you.