How to Become a Lawyer – The Basics (Part I)
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Route 2: As a Second Career
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You are already in the working world. Congratulations, because you have a job and did not have to go to law school. So why would you ever want to go back to school? There may be many reasons, but the most prevalent purpose we hear from people is to promote their own career. Maybe you want to advance up the ladder with your current employer, embark on a new career, or simply explore your possibilities again with a new degree. Whatever your reasoning may be, if you like what you have been reading so far, please read on.

You will follow the same path as Route 1 (assuming you have graduated from a four-year college), but will start with Step 4 instead of Step 1. A larger section of people who enter law school as a second career also choose to go to school part-time instead of full-time.

There are some pros to this. For example, you can continue at your current job and not give up your income. You will have a lighter workload in law school. You can also gradually ease into the "school environment" instead of being thrown in full force.

However, there are some cons too. You will likely not graduate in three years. Instead, it will likely take you four years to graduate. Also, attempting to balance a full-time job, family life, and law school at the same time is no easy task. Many people have done it, and many have been successful. But make sure you have a game plan and know yourself before attempting to do this. In other words, make sure that your family is 110% behind your decision. There will be nights where you will be very busy (especially during finals) and your family or significant others may have a tough time in dealing with your absence. Once again, we highly recommend that you talk to some lawyers who have gone this route. Get at least a few different viewpoints, then make your decision. If you select this route with the right attitude and focus, you will likely be very successful.

Finally, we’ll wrap up this Part 1 with some main thoughts to keep in mind.