How to Become a Lawyer – The Basics (Part I)
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In this article, How to Become a Lawyer – the Basics (Part I), we took a look at whether you’re the lawyer "type," and the timeline for becoming a lawyer under Route 1 (straight out of college) and Route 2 (as a second career).

This article was simply designed to give you a brief overview of the process of becoming lawyer. And you should now have a better idea about the timeline for becoming a lawyer and commitment required.

With that said, we highly recommend you read "How to Become a Lawyer – From College to the Job Market (Part II)" for a more thorough explanation of the process in becoming a lawyer. Part II is written for individuals considering Route 1 or Route 2. In other words, everyone interested in becoming a lawyer should read Part II for more details that you’ll need to know to be successful in you quest in becoming a lawyer.

In short, Part II covers pre-law considerations in college/university, the law school application process, law school itself, the state bar exam and licensure, legal jobs and salaries, and jobs for lawyers outside of the legal market.