How to Legally Change Your Name
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Did you ever think of changing your name? Do you have any idea how many people actually do change their names, and why? How many of your favorite celebrities’ names are actually their birth names? For example, how many of the following people do you know (without looking them up):
  1. Archibald Alexander Leach
  2. Barry Alan Pincus
  3. Dino Paul Crocetti
  4. Marshall Bruce Mathers III
  5. Audrey Faith Perry
  6. Eric Patrick Clapp
  7. Nathan Birnbaum
  8. Cassius Marcellus Clay
  9. Cordozar Broadus
  10. Anthony Dominick Benedetto
  11. Allan Stewart Konigsberg
  12. John Ratzinger
Let’s take a look on the next page to see if you know these people after their name changes.