Personnel File System – What to Keep & How to Maintain It
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Let’s face it, as a new employer, maintaining employees’ personnel files is not the most riveting topic. However, it is essential to keep documentation of all of your employees in a separate personnel file. That way, should any disputes ever arise, you will be able to show what your employees signed and agreed to.

A good personnel file system also helps to maintain structure and protection for both the employer and employee. The time you spend maintaining your personnel file is time well spent. It can save you thousands of dollars and much more time than if you choose not to maintain a good personnel file system…and find a lawsuit sitting on your doorstep one day. Also, once the system is in place, maintaining it should not take too much time.

In this article, we’ll go over why you should maintain personnel files, what files to maintain, how to maintain your files, and how long to store them.

Next, we’ll go over what files you should maintain in your personnel file system.